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Our specialty is tents!   Do you need a product you don't see below?  Just ask!

20 x 20 Tent

This large frame white tent can fit four 5 or 6-foot round tables and chairs comfortably.  Check out the table layout tab for other available table and chair set up options!

Having a larger event?  Ask about putting two or more tents adjacent for more space for food or seating! 

10 x 10 Tent

This is a traditional 'pop-up' tent in white, except much sturdier and with a larger shade area than one you can buy at your big box stores.  These can be a perfect addition to cover a smaller area on a patio, driveway, or to cover a walkway to the larger tent.  

Tent 'Walls'

Concerned about a rainstorm or shade coverage?  Maybe you want to discourage your nosy neighbor from peeking in on your event? Add a 'wall' our 20x20 frame tent which gives you some additional coverage or privacy.   Add all 4 walls if you like!

Tables & Chairs

We have the following table sizes available. See table layout tab:

6 Foot Round Tables (seats 10)

5 Foot Round Tables (seats 8)

6 Foot Rectangle Tables (seats 6)


Chair selections include metal (white, brown, or black) or resin (white)  folding chairs

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Tent 15.jpg
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