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Meet the Team!

Tent 12.jpg

Hi from the VanWert family!  Most days, you can find us helping people in the community with their personal or business insurance needs.    Although we love insurance, we set up this business for our 5 boys so that they could help people, have fun, and learn.  


Setting up tents has been win-win for the whole family.  We get to work together and have fun outdoors, and the boys get to earn money for experiences, community giving, investments, and things they are saving for:  possibly a new mountain bike, a car when they turn 16, or their current obsession, Pokémon cards (!)

Not all jobs are as picture perfect as this one.  There are downpours, bee stings, and 5 growing boys begging for more snacks!  But most days we have a great time, and we look forward to meeting you and helping your family have an awesome event.

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